Granite Countertops – Price levels:

Price plays an important role in decision making, when you have to decide on a color for granite kitchen countertops.  One is presented with granite colors grouped at various price levels such as, level 1, level 2…. Or differentiated with terms like basics, exotics etc.

Let us understand this – Granite is a natural stone.  A lot of granite colors that home owners choose for their countertops are imported from countries in South America and Asia.Price levels do not change the core functionality or properties of different colors of granite, like heat resistance, scratch resistance, and low or no maintenance. So what’s the difference between different grades of granite?

Let’s go through the different colors, designs, and prices.

Some of the key factors that contribute to granite pricing are yield per block, stone origin (country), currency exchange rate, processing, shipping and logistics.  Granite is mined from quarries in the form of blocks. Granite with uniform pattern tend to give more usable slabs per block (that can be exported and assumed to be accepted by the end user). In the same perspective, granite blocks with exotic patterns tend to have less yield. Shipping and logistics significantly affect the overall price of the slab. So, only those slabs that are deemed to be perfect in terms or quality and pattern are exported to the granite slab wholesalers in USA.

Please note, this explanation does not change the fact that, no two slabs in a particular can be exactly identical.  Uniform patterns do not make the differences obvious.  Nothing said here can take away the beauty that granite brings to a kitchen or any where they are used for tops.